Irish Hills Farm

My Story

I've loved every minute of this journey

An Idea Is Born

My name is Rachel Conlin and along with my husband, Tim Conlin, we purchased this beloved historic family farm in Apsley, Ontario in 2005.  The farm had been in the same family since the 1800's, originally purchased as part of a land grant by Irish immigrants. The land holds a tranquil, enchanted quality to it.  It has become the perfect place for me to create and hence, Irish H​ills Farm was born.



I have always loved nature and creating.  Raising sheep introduced me to the wonders of wool and the magical possibilities of creating with it.  I began crafting faeries a​nd witches, as well as animals from the wool, along with spinning & dying the beautiful fibres.  Somehow it just all seemed to fit, as I came from a land of faeries and witches. 

I spent memorable days of my childhood with my Granny, who lived at the foot of mystic Pendle Hill in England, the home of the notorious Lancashire Witches.  Granny was an artistic, charmed woman herself, who taught me that  witches were merely "intelligent women" she unravelled her long, beautiful silver hair in the evenings.  And of course, we always treaded lightly in her garden, as you had to watch for faerie rings and not disturb the wee folk who looked after the plants & animals while we slept.